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At Greater Manchester Independent School we are always on the lookout for hardworking and dedicated people who have a passion for improving the lives of young people.

Due to ongoing expansion, we have a number of exciting roles available across our Manchester and Stockport sites.

Our Current Roles

Science Tutor

We are seeking a Science Tutor to join our team at Greater Manchester Independent School (GMIS). This role would be ideal for a recent graduate, ideally in a science-based discipline. As a Science Tutor, you will provide high-quality tutoring to groups of up to 4 young people, supporting their learning and understanding of science subjects. This is a self-employed position, and the hourly rate will be negotiated.

Job Description

Position: Science Tutor

Employment Type: Self-employed basis

Hourly Rate: (£18 – £23 per hour depending on experience)

Contract: Service Level Agreement

Term: Minimum 16 hours per week during term times

Location: Greater Manchester, United Kingdom

Job Summary:

We are seeking a Science Tutor to join our team at Greater Manchester Independent School (GMIS). This role would be ideal for a recent graduate, ideally in a science-based discipline. As a Science Tutor, you will provide high-quality tutoring to groups of up to 4 young people, supporting their learning and understanding of science subjects. This is a self-employed position, and the hourly rate will be negotiated.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Deliver tutoring sessions:

   – Provide science tutoring (Key stages 1 – 4) to students, focusing on their specific learning needs and goals.

   – Support students in understanding scientific concepts, theories, and practical applications.

   – Assist students in developing study skills, problem-solving techniques, and critical thinking abilities.

   – Tailor tutoring sessions to meet individual student requirements and adapt teaching methods accordingly.

   – Contribute to the school’s science curriculum and provide lesson plans and guidance to colleagues and support staff where necessary.

  1. Promote student progress and engagement:

   – Assess students’ current knowledge and identify areas for improvement.

   – Create and implement customized lesson plans to address students’ learning gaps.

   – Motivate and inspire students to take an active interest in science and develop a passion for the subject.

   – Monitor student progress, provide feedback, and track their academic development.

  1. Establish a positive learning environment:

   – Foster a supportive and encouraging atmosphere that promotes student engagement and confidence.

   – Use effective communication and interpersonal skills to build rapport with students and establish a productive tutoring relationship.

   – Employ various instructional strategies and resources to enhance students’ understanding and retention of scientific concepts.

  1. Flexible work arrangement (taking into account specific needs of the school):

   – Travel between various Greater Manchester sites as required to conduct tutoring sessions.

   – Adhere to the terms and conditions outlined in the Service Level Agreement.

   – Maintain accurate records of tutoring hours, student progress, and session summaries.

Qualifications and Experience:

– A degree in a science-based discipline would be advantageous (recent graduates are encouraged to apply).

– Strong subject knowledge and understanding of science concepts and principles.

– Excellent communication and teaching skills to effectively explain complex scientific ideas.

– Ability to adapt teaching methods to suit individual learning styles and preferences.

Person Specification:

– Patience, empathy, and the ability to build rapport with students.

– Previous tutoring or teaching experience is desirable but not essential.

– Highly organised and professional.

Application Process:

To apply for the position of Science Tutor at Greater Manchester Independent School, please use the application form (here) attaching a comprehensive CV. Additionally, please provide a cover letter highlighting your interest in the role and your approach to tutoring science subjects. 

Note: Shortlisted candidates will be required to undergo an enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check.

School business Manager

Job description: School Business Manager

Greater Manchester Independent School is committed to creating a diverse workforce. We will consider all qualified applicants for employment without regard to sex, race, religion, belief, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, pregnancy, maternity, age, disability, marriage or civil partnership.

Job details

Salary: £35,000 (negotiable depending on experience)

Hours: Negotiable

Contract type: Permanent

Reporting to: Louise Hodson / Helen Nicholls

Responsible for: Executive Headteachers

Main purpose

The school business manager (SBM) is responsible for managing the strategy and operation of the business functions of our school, with specific focus on financial management. 

They will advise on and implement the day-to-day support that enables the school to operate effectively and efficiently, and that allows other members of the leadership team to focus on teaching and learning.

Duties and responsibilities

Leadership and strategy

  • Under the direction of the Executive Headteachers, lead on all financial matters in school, to ensure the school’s successful financial performance and to ensure financial decisions are clearly linked to the school’s strategic goals
  • Implement school-wide changes and allocate resources in line with the school improvement plan, putting policies and procedures in place and communicating them to staff
  • Take all decisions in line with the vision and values of the school, and encourage others to do the same
  • Implement a marketing plan for the school, which utilises the school website, signage, the prospectus, and communications with current and prospective parents
  • Monitor developments in technology and consider how it can be used to enhance the school’s business processes, teaching and learning, and staff wellbeing
  • Attend regular meetings and report to the Executive Headteachers and governors where appropriate

Financial management and fundraising

  • In partnership with the Executive Headteachers, manage the school’s budget and ensure it is balanced, realistic, and represents an effective use of public funds
  • Submit the budget to the governing board
  • Monitor the budget all year round, advising the headteacher where revisions or changes are needed
  • Forecast future years’ budgets, based on the school’s estimated funding and trends in expenditure, to enable the headteacher to make strategic, long-term decisions
  • Comply with financial reporting requirements and submit statutory returns
  • Oversee school bank accounts on a day-to-day basis, ensuring money is banked, invoices are paid promptly, money owed is collected, and clear records are kept
  • Develop and implement the school’s fundraising and income generation strategy, choosing fundraising priorities in line with the school improvement plan
  • Find and apply for grants
  • Lead on procurement processes, managing tenders where appropriate, conducting due diligence, benchmarking and evaluating suppliers, negotiating deals and ensuring value for money
  • Ensure the effective and efficient operation of the finance department, delegating tasks to finance/office staff where appropriate

Human resources

  • Manage the school’s payroll provision with the payroll provider
  • Ensure that recruitment is planned and structured alongside the school budget
  • Conduct reviews of the school’s staffing structure to ensure effective deployment of staff and financial efficiency


  • Keep records in accordance with the school’s record retention schedule and data protection law, ensuring information security and confidentiality at all times
  • Provide administrative support for the headteacher and governing body
  • Be the school’s data protection officer, taking responsibility for monitoring data protection compliance and advising the school community on data protection issues (see further details at bottom of person specification).


  • The school business manager will be required to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and young people, and follow school policies and the staff code of conduct.

Please note that this list of duties is illustrative of the general nature and level of responsibility of the role. It is not a comprehensive list of all tasks that the school business manager will carry out. The postholder may be required to do other duties appropriate to the level of the role, as directed by the headteacher.

Person specification



and training

  • A degree or other relevant qualification – ideally in accountancy, business management or a related discipline
  • A school business management qualification


  • Successful leadership and management experience in a school, or in a relevant field outside education
  • Involvement in school self-evaluation and improvement planning
  • Line management experience
  • Contributing to staff development
  • Working with children or young people

Skills and knowledge

  • Expert knowledge of financial management
  • Excellent attention to detail
  • Previous use of Xero / Dext / Soldo – desirable but not necessary
  • Effective communication and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to communicate a vision and inspire others
  • Ability to build effective working relationships with staff and other stakeholders
  • Understanding of data protection and confidentiality

Personal qualities

  • Commitment to promoting the ethos and values of the school and getting the best outcomes for all pupils
  • Commitment to acting with integrity, honesty, loyalty and fairness to safeguard the assets, financial probity and reputation of the school
  • Ability to work under pressure and prioritise effectively
  • Commitment to maintaining confidentiality at all times
  • Commitment to safeguarding and equality
  • Embraces change well
  • Deals with difficult situations effectively


This job description may be amended at any time in consultation with the postholder.

Last review date: January 2024

Next review date: September 2024

Responsibilities of the DPO


  • Advise the school and its employees of their obligations under relevant UK data protection laws, including the UK GDPR
  • Monitor compliance with UK data protection law, by:
    • Collecting information to identify data processing activities
    • Analysing and checking the compliance of data processing activities
    • Informing, advising and issuing recommendations to the school
  • Ensure the school’s policies are followed within the school, by: 
    • Assigning responsibilities to staff members
    • Raising awareness of UK data protection law, including the UK GDPR, across the school 
    • Training staff
    • Conducting internal audits
    • Reporting to the governing board or the board of trustees on the school’s data protection compliance

DPOs advise schools of their obligations under UK data protection law

  • Advise on and assist the school with carrying out data protection impact assessments (but not carry out impact assessments themselves)
  • Act as a contact point for the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) (as the ‘supervisory authority’), involving:
    • Helping the ICO to access documents and information
    • Seeking advice on data protection issues
  • Act as a contact point for individuals whose data is processed (staff, pupils and parents, for example)
  • Take a risk-based approach to data protection, involving:
    • Prioritising the higher-risk areas of data protection and focusing on these the most
    • Using their common sense to advise the school on whether it should conduct an audit, provide training in certain areas, and determine what the DPO should spend the most time doing

Qualities and experience

  • The UK GDPR doesn’t strictly define the level of expert knowledge the DPO needs. It depends on the sensitivity, complexity and amount of data you process – the more complex or sensitive your data processing is, the more expertise and knowledge your DPO will need. 
  • You’ll likely need a candidate with the following skills and expertise:
    • Expertise in UK data protection laws and practices, including the UK GDPR 
    • Understanding of the processing carried out by the school 
    • Understanding of information technologies and data security 
    • Knowledge of the school sector, and the school itself 
    • The ability to promote a data protection culture within the school

We are seeking an enthusiastic, dynamic and innovative colleague to support the Executive Headteachers on the financial operations of the school.  The successful candidate will have the ability to communicate and liaise effectively with a variety of stakeholders, capacity for hard work and high expectations of self and others – along with an ability to work under pressure and to balance potentially conflicting demands. 


It is essential that the post holder has experience of budget setting and monitoring, accounting techniques and production of reports and strong ICT skills, including finance software and the ability to analyse accounts.  


If you are interested in joining a team of dedicated professionals who have a passion for improving the lives of young people, then please contact us. 


There is some room for salary negotiation depending on experience.

If you would like a look around the school, or an informal conversation, please contact Helen Nicholls (Co-Executive Headteacher) 0161 222 8168


Deadline March 5th