Our Curriculum

Our whole school, topic-based, curriculum has been designed to boost our students’ progress and is based on a “stage, not age” approach to teaching and learning.

Each stage of learning is linked directly to National Curriculum learning targets.

Week-by-week work plans for each subject have been curated by our teachers and have been specially selected to foster in our students a love of reading as well as a deeper learning and understanding of the world around us and our place within it.

With regular, inset assessment periods built into the timetables for each subject, our teachers can easily measure and keep track of their pupils’ progress as they work through each of the easy-to-understand learning levels.


Our Subjects & Example Topics


Example Topic: Shakespeare: Macbeth (GMIS Level P6)



Example Topic: Algebraic Thinking (GMIS Level S7)



Example Topic: Rocks and Minerals (GMIS Level P3)



Example Topic: Human Geography Case Study – Brazil (GMIS Level S8)



Example Topic: Be Yourself (GMIS Level P6)


Art & Design

Example Topic: Recycled Art (GMIS Levels P3 & P4)



Example Topic: Animation (Level P4)



Example Topic: Dance / Football (Level P3, P4, P5, P6)


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