Our Story

Greater Manchester Independent School began life in January 2017 as a small community project aimed at reducing and preventing anti-social behaviour in North Manchester.

Owing to the success of this provision, the project developed into a full-time alternative education setting. Named ‘Teenage Works,’ the school provided a nurturing and positive environment for young people in the North Manchester area with social, emotional and mental health difficulties who were unable to attend mainstream school.


In 2019, Teenage Works achieved Independent School status and became part of the Independent Schools Association. Operating across two sites in Manchester and working alongside a range of local businesses and youth initiatives, for the next four years, Teenage Works had 40 full time students enrolled with over 95% going on to education, training or full time work upon leaving the school.  As an organisation, the school employed over 20 teachers, tutors and support staff.

In 2022, Teenage Works consolidated its two locations into one single, dedicated school site in Failsworth.

In January 2023, the founder and Executive Head of School, Louise Hodson, decided to institute a new mission and vision for the school – making it a not-for-profit organisation with a view to expanding the school’s reach, and providing specialist education and support to as many young people in Greater Manchester as possible.